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Xbox Video finally available for Windows Phone 8

Xbox Video for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft finally released the Xbox Video app yesterday to the Windows Phone Store. Xbox Video is a long-awaited app which allows users to purchase and view video content on their Windows Phone 8 devices. Initially Microsoft included a built-in support for the service in the Windows Phone 7, but Windows Phone 8 did not have a full access to purchasing and downloading movies and TV content. Now, the gap is filled and users can enjoy the full cloud based Xbox experience.

Through the app users can rent or purchase a movie and TV content and stream it on their devices. Also, they can download content for later viewing in offline mode. Bought content is stored in the cloud and users can access it via any compatible device (Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, Xbox One, and

Xbox Video for Windows Phone screenshot

Unfortunately, the Xbox Video for Windows Phone 8 does not support a playback of HD content, but Microsoft promises that this will be fixed with an update early next year. Most of the content is available both in HD and SD resolution, as the latest is enough for the current Windows Phone devices except Nokia Lumia 1520. As long as the movie content is available everywhere, the TV content varies from country to country. The richest TV content is available for US and UK and the coverage for the rest of the markets is a must. Another issue which Microsoft should address is to enlarge the service outside the current 22 markets.

The Xbox Video app has separated sections such as “new movies”, “new tv”, “spotlight”, and “collection”. In “collection” is stored all the content which is rented, purchased or downloaded. The search option in the app is improved as the TV and movie content is separated and there are filters built such as genre, best rated, best-selling, and production company. Also, there are internal links like actors and directors, as well as a separate pivot for each piece of content including an overview, rental and purchase options, reviews, etc. Xbox Video is free and can be downloaded here.

Source: All About Windows Phone