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Wordwox – convert text into speech

wordwox app
Windows Phone Area

Wordwox is a software program for Windows Phones allowing you to convert text into speech so you can listen to any type of text messages, articles, etc. The program also allows you fast and easily to save and store the audio file on your device.

The app supports more than 40 languages and txt, epub and fb2 text formats. Reproducing sound is possible just by a touch on a specific word in the text. Then the converting of an audio file is possible only when the conversion screen is opened. If you close it, the converting will be paused.

With this app you can listen to texts on the Internet and save texts to mp3 format. The program automatically detects language when transforming text into speech. You can play the speech file with male and female voices, as well. You will get full free technical support from the developers in case of some problems or questions.

Remember that the app is still new and you may come across some small bugs and inaccuracy. You can use the contact information in the app in order to send the developers some reports and recommendation. Download Wordwox app from the Windows Phone Store.

wordwox app for windows phone