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Windows Phone has a 8.4% share in Europe, 4.7% in USA

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Kantar has published their traditional quarterly report for the smartphone sales. The numbers are relatively positive for Windows Phone as the platform increases its share in most of the countries, with the highest growth registered in the leading European markets (EU5) where Microsoft increased its presence to 8.4% for the first quarter ending in April.

Digging into numbers shows fluctuations by regions. We can see that Windows Phone has the strongest presence in Italy (11.8%), followed by France (10.1%), UK (9.5%) and Germany (6.9%), countries where Windows Phone became more popular on year’s base.

In other markets however, market share trends are mixed. In the US, Windows is less popular than the same quarter in 2013, as the share of the platform dropped by 0.9% to 4.7%. Another problem market seems to be China, as Windows Phone has almost disappeared there with a share of just 0.8%.

Keep in mind that Microsoft has just launched its first new models for the year and the Windows Phone sales will definitely improve in the next few months. Some hardware partners (HTC, LG, Huawei, Micromax, Samsung) have also confirmed they are working on new handsets, so we expect a lot of news around Windows Phone in the coming months.

Windows Phone sales april 2014, share

Source / Credit: Kantar