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Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 is on the way to be released

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Earlier this year Microsoft announced that Windows Phone 8.1 would have its two OS updates in July and November. Thus, the improvement will optimize operations with phones, fix some bugs and carry in some novelties. A report by Neowin says that the first update is coming out soon so it will be just on time.

After doing their job the developers will throw the working out to their partners for testing the programs. Since the original update has not been delivered to most users yet, the edition with carrier/OEM support will be delayed with a few months. As usual, some users will receive the updates earlier as it has been with another GDR updates.

The original 8.1 actualization was announced by Microsoft on March 26. A few months later, in July, the novelty is in its initial stages and its further development is forthcoming for regular customers. However, the new Update 1 does not need so many tests and is much smaller than Windows Phone 8.1. Among the possibilities coming with the new update is the coveted Folder creation which is not new for Microsoft. Some other details, however, remain unrevealed for the present.

The Windows Phone developers are trying to hasten the development of mobile technologies due to the priority of Apple and Android in this sphere. The combined development of Windows 8 and Windows Phone has greatest priority for the company. Update 2 is coming out in November, at the same time with the new McLaren phone which is a successor of Goldfinger featuring a 3D Touch system. It is expected to come out with 5.2 inch full HD screen, 20MP camera and 64 GB storage.

Microsoft is expected to co-operate with Windows Phone and RT SKUs on the development of the next OS update named ‘Threshold’ in 2015.