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Windows 10 will automatically free up space in the Creators Update

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Storage Sense will allow you to control how Windows deletes temporary files

Microsoft is adding many new features to Windows 10 PC with the upcoming big update called the ‘Creators Update’. Among the new things in 2017 will be a feature called ‘Storage Sense’.

Found under the main Settings menu -> System, the Storage Sense on Windows 10 will allow you to control how Windows deals with temporary files and files in the recycle bin. There will be two options – to automatically delete temporary files that the apps are not using, and to delete files in the recycle bin staying there for more than 30 days.

Windows 10 users could also manually clean the temporary files by taping on the ‘Clean now’ button in the same settings page.

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The new settings will be disabled by default, but you can manually enable them from the Storage section in Settings → System.

Windows 10 Mobile currently offers the ability to manually delete temporary files, downloads and telemetry from Settings → System → Storage.