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Windows 10 is secure against the serious KRACK Wi-Fi security flaw

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  • On October 17, 2017

Microsoft patched the vulnerability in the October 2017 update

A serious WPA2 security flaw has been discovered, possibly putting billions of devices running Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux and Windows at risk of being attacked by hackers. Called KRACK or Key Reinstallation Attack, it is a wireless vulnerability in the Wi-Fi protocol WPA2 that allows hackers to inject malware code in the previous secure and encrypted traffic.

KRACK is a very serious issue, particularly for Android and Linux-based systems, but any other device that connects to Wi-Fi could also be at risk. Fortunately, Microsoft has already patched the security flaw in Windows 10 with the October 10 update.

In a statement to the media, the company says that the patch was has been fixed this month:

We have released a security update to address this issue

That’s why you should always update your devices to the latest available software. Do not disable the Automatic updates and you should be fine.