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Windows 10 Redstone update to improve Continuum

  • On February 18, 2016

Touchscreen and higher resolutions support for Continuum

Microsoft is currently working on the next major update of Windows 10 codenamed ‘Redstone’. The future update could be released in two waves – later in 2016 and in early 2017. Whilst the future changes in Windows 10 with the Redstone update are yet unclear, according to a new report by, one of the areas where Microsoft will concentrate resources is Continuum.

The report reveals that Continuum will support higher resolutions and touchscreens, so you could connect your Continuum-capable smartphone to a touchscreen monitor and use your fingers to navigate. In addition, Microsoft is expected to boost the wireless transfers with Continuum and increase the resolution limits to 2k.

Continuum for phones requires a Wireless Display Adapter, Continuum Dock, or a simple USB Type-C to HDMI adapter, through which you could connect a Windows 10 smartphone to a big screen and then have something like a PC with universal Windows apps powered by the phone.