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Windows 10 Mobile release set for late September

Windows 10 for Phones

New slides reveal plans for Windows 10 Mobile at the end of Q3 2015

Neowin is reporting about the possible launch date of Windows 10 Mobile. According to leaked presentation slides, Redmond is targeting the end of the third quarter (late September).

If the information is correct, Microsoft will release the Mobile platform to OEMs and partners two months after Windows 10 for Desktop, whose launch has been set for July 29.


Official launch in late September means that all existing users will start receiving the update sometime in Q4 and we may wait a couple of months before all current devices are upgraded to Windows 10. Of course, all Windows Insiders will continue to receive regular updates with the latest builds of the platform before and after the official release of Windows 10.

Given the possible launch in early fall, Microsoft may present its new high-end Lumia devices (the rumored Lumia 940 & 940 XL) in early September at IFA 2015 in Barcelona. Redmond has already confirmed its presence at the event, so the chances for new high-end Lumia devices to be unveiled in Barcelona are pretty high.

Source: neowin