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Windows 10 Desktop market share grows to 21%

Windows 10 start launch

Windows 10’s market share grew 2% in a month

At the end of June, Windows 10 was on 19% of all desktop computers around the world, according to Net MarketShare. Today, a year after Microsoft released the operating system, Windows 10 has a share of 21%, which is a 2% increase for a month. The Windows 10’s growth with 2% is quite logical. Microsoft introduced a free upgrade from older Windows versions to Windows 10 during the first year, and the upgrade offered ended on July 29.

Now, as the free upgrade has ended, Microsoft relies mostly on hardware partners and their new devices to help Windows 10 grow further in the next months, since most of the users and companies have already upgraded for free before July 29.

Windows 10 Desktop Marker Share July August 2016

Windows 10 is the second most-popular Desktop OS after Windows 7 (47%). Windows XP still has a 10% market share, while Windows 8.1 claims 8%. The most popular non-Windows platform is Apple’s OSX which has 4.6%, while the free Linux is on only 2.33% of all machines.