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Windows 10 is already on 0.7% of all active phones

Lumia 630 with Windows 10 Technical Preview
Windows Phone Area

Latest AdDuplex stats for April 2015

AdDuplex ad-network has published its monthly stats for April 2015. The new report reveals some interesting trends, including a jump of the Windows 10 installed base from 0.1% to 0.7% for just one month.

After a wider rollout in April, Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones has increased its installed base to 0.7% of all active Windows phones, which is a quite remarkable growth. The current version of the OS is far from finished as it has many bugs and design flaws, but in the coming weeks Microsoft will release more stable and full-featured builds, which should result in further increase of the user base.

windows phone stats april 2015

The report also shows that devices like Nokia Lumia 635 and Microsoft Lumia 535 continue to grow in certain markets (US, India, Indonesia). Nokia Lumia 520 remains with strong positions in all markets, but its share has started to drop after consumer have begun moving to newer models like Lumia 535.

The top Windows Phone manufacturers are Microsoft (96.54%), HTC (1.85%), Samsung (0.75%), Huawei (0.44%), and BLU (0.14%). We can see that the ‘other’ category has grown, but BLU is clearly the dominant brand among all new players. BLU has the potential to continue its path ahead after presenting a new BLU Win line-up of Windows Phones with LTE support.

Also seen in the database is an unannounced Lumia with a 5.7-inch display (1080p) and running Windows 10 OS.

Source: AdDuplex on SlideShare