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Windows 10 is now on 700 million devices

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The April 2018 update is running on 90% of the machines.

AdDuplex has released their monthly report about the Windows OS and devices. While the company is no longer sharing data about Windows phones for obvious reasons, there are still interesting insights in the report.

Windows 10′ latest version (1803) is now installed on almost 90% of the PCs in use, according to AdDuplex. This is another sign of the excellent support from Microsoft. The company is working on further optimizations to the update process, including a dramatic reduction of the update files.

Windows 10 recently reached 700 million devices, which is another major step to the goal of 1 billion devices Microsoft hopes to achieve.

The company is planning to announce new Surface devices this week, and we could also hear some major Windows 10 OS news at the event. Unfortunately, there is no hope for anything related to mobile devices at this point.