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Why You Should Be Using Time Lapse Videos

Why You Should Be Using Time Lapse Videos
  • On September 3, 2018

There was time when time lapses were considered a fun feature introduced for people’s enjoyment and amusement. However, its importance and value has grown over time. The public as well as business of all sizes have realized the undeniable potential that lies in these videos.

That’s primarily the reason why you won’t find any shortage of good quality time lapse software on the market. These not only allow you to create a perfect time lapse video of your video content, they also allows you to add in new features and make an otherwise boring and redundant video content into something unique and truly captivating.

There’s a simple reason why time lapses are so popular. They allow brands to portray and enact large portions of time within a few second. It’s a great way for a business to emphasize on their commitment to transformation.

Time lapses can be used in various businesses, fields and industries such as video creation, shopping centers, meeting rooms, universities and construction companies.

So, what are some of the benefits of using this incredible feature and why should you be using them? Find out below:

Brand Exposure

This is perhaps the best reason to use a time lapse video. Brands didn’t take long to realize that this option actually allowed them to portray all their hard work and struggle in an interesting way. It’s a great way to present footage that has been documented from a long time. Consider this: it takes years and even decades for businesses to reach their desired objective or the market position they’ve set for themselves. What if they could use their continuous progress as a marketing tool and turn it into an asset for themselves.

This is precisely what a time lapse video does for businesses. You can tell an entire story about your brand through this option. You can use it for advertising to prop up your PR or even use it as a motivational tool for your own employees. It depicts your struggles and your journey. If you can learn how to tap into it, time lapse videos can be the best marketing tool for your brands.


There was a time when you presented your company’s proposal to potential investors and they would ask for the books to analyze how good or committed you are to your plans. This kind of presentation is quite dry and not very persuasive. It doesn’t depict your entrepreneurial passion. However, with time lapse videos, you have a visual tool that allows you to present your company’s profile in a visually appealing way. You can pitch in your future plans as well as your present endeavors in a way that makes impressing investors and leaving a positive impression possible at the same time.

Human Resources

From a pure human resources point of view, this is an effective way to keep an eye over your employees. A standard shift can last upwards of 10 hours. Of course, the HR department cannot over see all of it. However, a time lapse can make it possible for them to gain a good idea about what an employee has been up to for most of their time on a particular shift.