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Why Certain Games are becoming so popular with Students

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  • On February 3, 2020

With all of the lectures, seminars, suggested reading, essay writing, revising, and mandatory social nights, you’d be forgiven for thinking that students have very little time for cooking, let alone gaming. But in fact, students get to play with a lot of downtime, particularly after first-year when less time and money can be committed to as regular social occasions.

Gaming among students, as it has across much of the world, has become a go-to way to enjoy spare time by one’s self and with friends. It’s popular in the UK, with mobile, online, and console games all being utilised by students. Of the many games played, these are the ones across the three main platforms that appear to have risen in popularity among those attending university recently.

Mobile: Mobile Royale

Mobile games can be a student’s best friend, offering quick and fun spells of gaming while on the way to campus, between lessons, or during those particularly dull lectures where the speaker just loops on themselves despite already posting the slideshow online. The easy access to deep gaming has made the mobile platform incredibly popular among students, with Mobile Royale proving to be among the biggest draws.

Not only is it drenched in the fantasy genre, but it allows players to join each other in alliances. So, players get to go on whenever it’s convenient to build their own kingdom, recruit heroes, and battle enemies, but they can also coordinate with friends to support them in their alliance’s goals. Because of its convenience and the ability to team up with others for short spells, Mobile Royale has become a popular game among students.

Computer: Fluffy Favourites

Source: Pixabay

Gaming isn’t all battling beasts and forging kingdoms, with some of the most popular games being those that are aesthetically pleasing, fun, and easy to play. Many students who don’t put themselves in the ‘traditional’ video gamer bracket venture to other online gaming platforms. One of the most popular games to arise out of this movement is Eyecon creation Fluffy Favourites.

Featuring cuddly animals like the pink elephant, purple dragon, blue rhino, green turtle, and panda, those who play Fluffy Favourites slot get immersed in the adorable gameplay, with the minimum bet of 0.25 making it easily accessible. The game also features free spins and bonus rounds which come by landing the scattered wild pink elephant or the arcade claw. It’s cute characters and fun features make Fluffy Favourites a much-loved game among those who don’t consider themselves to be massive game players.

Console: Fortnite

When discussing console games, mobile games, or computer games that people love to play, it’s almost impossible to avoid Fortnite. The major appeal of this game for students is that the content continues to evolve, games are quick and competitive, and its main game mode, Battle Royale, is free to play. Like the other games on this list, students can quickly dip in for some entertainment and then get back to work.

Mobile Royale, Fluffy Favourites, and Fortnite are all proving to be go-to sources of entertainment for students with the underlying trait between all three being that they require very little time to play. Each of these titles can be picked up with a round of gaming completed within 15 minutes or so, meaning that they fit into the student lifestyle perfectly.