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Weave – all the news you want, in one place

weave news reader for windows phone 8 tiles, home screen

What is the best way to read news and articles on your Windows Phone device? Probably you browse a website with Internet Explorer or use Facebook account, which are definitely not the best possible solutions.

Weave News Reader is a standalone application for Windows Phone 8 that displays only news users want and need. It aggregates tailored news feed and lets users read it or share it.

weave reader settings menu

When you first open Weave, it lets you select topics and websites you are interested in. You can also customize the sources and add your own from a curated list or using the search option. All you need to do is to enter the web address of the RSS feed. Windows Phone Area’s RSS url is

Then users select the category of the new source, or create a new custom category. Weave News Reader supports live tiles, so the main app and news categories can be pinned on the Start screen. The live tiles display the number of unread articles.

weave screenshots

Once you’ve set up the RSS feeds, you can read articles by launching the Weave Reader. The home screen displays Most Viewed, so users can easily tap on a news category and start reading. Readers can change the font size, typeface and reading theme (day, paper, night or metro).

Users can also view an article in browser or speak article. Weave uses text-to-speech technology to speak an article for you, which could be helpful while driving. Finally, there are many sharing options and the app syncs with Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Twitter accounts, so readers can access feeds on other devices.

Weave News Reader has two versions – free and premium. Weave premium costs $9.99 and it differs only in that it’s ad-free.