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Updated Glance Screen supports MSN Weather and Health & Fitness

weather app and glance screen information
  • On October 3, 2014

Weather and Fitness information can be displayed on the Glance Screen

A new update has been rolled out to ‘Glance Screen’ for all supported Lumia phones running Update 1 of Windows Phone 8.1. After updating and restarting, users can select two new apps to show information on the glance screen, providing they are set as background apps on the lock screen settings. To try the new options:

  1. Install the Glance update from here
  2. Open glance screen in settings and you may be prompted to restart the phone
  3. Make sure you’ve installed MSN Weather or MSN Health & Fitness app
  4. Head to ‘Lock Screen’ under settings. Select the background app – Weather or Health & Fitness
  5. Check if the app is allowed to run in the background and its location is on. Allow the app to update through the cellular network. Change app settings if needed
  6. Open the app and give it a few minutes to update both the lock and glance screen

At the end, you should see something similar on the glance screen:

glance screen

If you still don’t have weather information at a glance, remove Weather app and install it again. When you open the app for the first time, allow the app to change the lock screen and everything should be working fine.