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Unannounced HP smartphone spotted at the Mobile World Congress

hp elite x3 2017

HP is working on a new Windows Phone

Back in 2016, we reported that HP was working on a second Windows 10 phone with mid-range specs that could debut in early 2017. Although HP didn’t announce a new phone at the MWC this week, the company briefly showed off a new prototype of a device that could be the rumored consumer-oriented smartphone with high-end or mid-range specs.

Unlike the business-focused Elite x3, the new model could be more appealing for the average Joe thanks to improved design with thinner bezels, and a possible metal body. Pictures of the phone posted by PCWorld show us a slightly smaller device compared with the x3, maybe because of the reduced bezels and the missing front speakers by Bang & Olufsen. The unannounced phone also has a similar camera and a fingerprint reader on the back.

With Microsoft retrenching from the phone market, HP remains one of the few companies interested in Windows on the Phone. Given the strong connections between HP and Microsoft in the past, it won’t be surprising if HP knows something we still don’t know. In the light of upcoming Windows on ARM and Composable Shell, HP may be the first company besides Microsoft to explore the market of ultramobile pocket PCs with telephony.