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Two-year-old Lumia 640 available for just $22 at Best Buy

Microsoft Lumia 640 for Cricket Wireless
Windows Phone Area

Get a no-contract Lumia 640 for $22 from Best Buy

Cricket Wireless is not selling the Lumia 640 pre-paid smartphone anymore, but you can still buy the device without a contract from Best Buy. The retailer is even discounting the phone to just $21.99 to clear its stocks. Keep in mind that the device is not available online – you need to visit some of the physical stores around the US. To check stores’ availability, visit the link below.

The pre-paid carrier, owned by AT&T, launched the Lumia 640 in May 2015, months after the phone’s unveiling in early 2015 at the MWC in Barcelona.

Microsoft Lumia 640 from Best Buy is locked to Cricket, and you cannot use it with a SIM card from a different provider. However, $22 for a phone with decent specs and official support for Windows 10 Mobile, is definitely an awesome deal.

For those unfamiliar, the Lumia 640 offers a 5-inch HD display, 8GB of storage, quad-core Snapdragon 400, 1GB of RAM, 8-megapixel rear camera and a 2500 mAh battery.

See the Lumia 640 at Best Buy