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Two Surface Mobile devices leaked with names and description

Surface Phone concept

Surface Phone will have two variants

Microsoft’s unified platform, codenamed Andromeda with Composable Shell, is definitely a thing. We reported several times in the past from our sources about Microsoft’s plans to create the ultimate mobile device, but the leaks have started to emerge much more frequently this week.

From Microsoft Bilibili account in the Chinese network we can learn about two Surface Mobile devices under development.

Surface Peking and Surface Slavonia are codenames of two variants of the Surface Phone (Mobile). Additionally, there is a description of the devices. They are based on the Snapdragon mobile platform and support the new ‘Onto Table’ Continuum feature that lasts more than 1 hour in Desktop mode. Surface Mobile will support the Surface Pen, allowing users to take notes in OneNote. We can also learn that Microsoft will market the Surface Mobile as a portable work platform and a device for phone calls.

It’s interesting to note the word ‘hinge’ in the description. Microsoft recently patented a device with a hinge, which could be a hint that one of the two variants could be a 3-in-1 device – a phone, tablet and PC. Apparently, Surface Mobile will run Windows 10 with Composable Shell, unleashing an Andromeda experience supporting different postures thanks to a hinge. Win32 apps will be supported on Surface Mobile. These desktop apps will work in Continuum mode thanks to Composable Shell and the UWP platform.