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How to tune the focus using Nokia Camera

How to tune the focus using Nokia Camera
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Nokia Camera is a great camera app, available for all Lumia models running Windows Phone 8 and 8.1. Using any Lumia smartphone (even the lower end) you can achieve impressive results, so Nokia Camera is suitable for both experienced photographs and beginners.

For beginners, probably the Automatic mode will be more appropriate. It offers two options – Flash on or off, and three modes – auto, sports and night. Advanced users should definitely switch to Manual mode, as it offers much more options available, so users can control Flash, Brightness, ISO, shutter speed, white balance and focus.

While auto focus works fine for average users, switching to manual focus allows you to experiment with subject and background. Manual focus is activated by tapping on the third column from the left, or by choosing it from the on-screen shutter key. By activating manual focus, you can be sure that you will have the best possible focal point.

manual focus - nokia camera nokia camera app focus settings menu

Different focus effects are created by moving the focus wheel. Moving it to the top activates infinite focus, while sliding it to the bottom sets the focus to auto. By sliding the wheel between the top and bottom ends, you create different shapes and effects, depending on what part of the image you want to be in focus.

Nokia Camera is a free app for Lumia-branded smartphones. Download link.