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The Clear Glance at the Casino of the Future from Leading Experts

The Clear Glance at the Casino of the Future from Leading Experts
  • On January 9, 2019

Gambling has been around for ages. It is a substantial part of our civilization, although it has brought many unfortunate consequences for those who are compulsive gamblers. As such, gambling communities and companies like Raging Bull Casino also continually evolve, keeping at pace with technology and producing new games that appeal to the masses.

A group of experts published their opinions about how casinos would look in the future. Their ideas showed the casino of the future based on the concept of big data, the technology that is currently available, and possible technologies of the future.

The publication is split into three different segments. And we will tackle each one of them. These are:

  • Online Poker
  • Slot Machines and Gaming Apps
  • Sports Betting

The Future of Online Poker

Perhaps one of the most popular games, poker has evolved into a multitude of versions with different payouts. Today, one can play against a machine or against real people from the other side of the world. As much as it is a game of chance, poker is also a game of skill. Perhaps one drawback of playing online poker today is that you cannot see your opponents. In the absence of their faces, one cannot assess if their opponents have good or bad hands.

But what do experts have to say about online poker’s future?

According to Jeffrey Lande, the founder of Lucky VR, poker will evolve into a virtual reality game. Online poker broke social barriers when it was introduced. In real life, many people will not dare step into a casino and play with experts. But online, no one can stop anyone from joining because the intimidation factor is gone.

The problem with online poker is that the social aspect of the game also disappeared. Although you can chat with the players, you cannot talk to them. There are no funny moments, and this diminishes the excitement. With VR Poker, players who are afraid to step into casinos will still experience the social aspects lost in the current set up, but without the fear of physical harassment.

The Future of Slot Machines and Gaming Apps

It is impossible to name all the existing slot machines out there. What we are sure of is that these games have evolved exponentially over the last decade, with more and more variations being introduced each day. The general principle has not changed. So what is in store for slots and gaming apps?

Daniel Lazarus, co-founder of Revolver Gaming, said that future slots machine and apps will lean towards the skill-based genre and those that are highly interactive. This is primarily because today’s society prefers to play games in their own way. There are little rewards and challenges on games whose outcomes are purely based on luck.

An example of this Pokémon Go. It swept the world because it immersed the player in both, the digital and real world. Another example is Candy Crush Saga—it challenges players to think of the best move to accomplish the game’s objectives.

The Future of Sports Betting

Traditional sports betting was simple: choose the team you think will win and wait for the results. Today, computers can analyse volumes of large data, and the results of these statistical analyses can provide players better business decisions.

Or will it?

Michael Beuoy, a data expert, said that big data today is not more accurate than it was before. Just because a computer system gave you better wagering odds on a team doesn’t mean you have to go along with it. Betting on sports and fantasy teams require human analysis. After all, the ball is round, and horses get old.

Furthermore, Michael Beuoy emphasized that you need to understand the numbers that you are crunching. There is a context behind every statistical result. Without appropriate discipline, a person can fall into what is called confirmation bias. In it, a person makes the mistake of being selective about the information they analyse. Thus, they select the facts that are likely to confirm their theory. This approach is bound to fail at some point.

Sports betting is still in the process of discovery. There is a little experience that bookmakers can offer for it. Apps and computer interfaces also need a major overhaul. In addition, the future of sports betting depends on creating micro-games that bettors can play while a game is in progress. For example, in a game between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, will the Warriors score next? Will there be a 10-0 run?

It is this kind of betting experience that will allow new users to get engaged in the play. And so much so if they can place these bets on mobile apps during the game. It is exciting and they can either earn their reward or lose without waiting for the game to be over.