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Windows Phone 8.1 - Windows Phone Area

How Secure Is Your Windows Phone from Hackers?

February 18, 2019 |

As of July 11, 2017, Microsoft stopped providing security updates and bug fixes for Windows Phone 8.1. It continues to do so for Windows Phone 10. If you own the former or any earlier device, your Windows Phone may be … Read More

Windows Phone 8.1 users experiencing problems with the Store

March 5, 2018 |

Changing the system date will temporarily resolve the issue

Microsoft is committed to keep the Windows Phone 8.1’s Store live by July 11, 2018, while the OS itself is already out-of-support. But a number of users on Windows Phone 8.1 … Read More

Push notifications die today for Windows Phone 7.5 and 8.0

February 20, 2018 |

Microsoft shuts down the push notification service for older Windows phones

There are probably not many people still using phones with the ancient Windows Phone 7.5 or 8.0, but Microsoft is shutting down today an important feature of these operating … Read More

Windows Phone 8.1 is no longer supported

July 11, 2017 |

Microsoft officially ended Windows Phone 8.1 support

More than three years after Microsoft released the major update from Windows Phone 8.0 to Windows Phone 8.1, the mobile operating system is officially out of support. Windows Phone 8.1 was a huge … Read More

Skype for Windows Phone 8.1 has been stopped

July 5, 2017 |

Windows Phone users can no longer run Skype

Microsoft has long stopped updating the Windows Phone version of Skype, but the app still worked on the platform months after the deadline. At the beginning of 2017 we learnt that Skype … Read More

Upgrade Advisor app in working again on Windows Phone 8.1

April 19, 2017 |

Microsoft fixed the direct upgrade path to Windows 10 Mobile

No, Microsoft has not disabled the ability to upgrade from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile. The company has fixed the server-side issues preventing users with old Windows … Read More

Windows Phone 8.1 users report problems with update to Windows 10 Mobile

April 17, 2017 |

OneDrive and OneNote problems also reported from Windows Phone users

Some users on Windows Phone 8.1 who wanted to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile via the Upgrade Advisor app reported that the app is not available for their devices, … Read More

Facebook ends support for Messenger and Facebook apps on Windows Phone 8.1

March 27, 2017 |

Old mobile and Desktop apps will be discontinued

Facebook has announced on its official blog that three old apps for Windows will stop working by the end of March 2017. The company is ending support for Facebook and Messenger for … Read More

Windows Phone 8.1 will be officially dead in July 2017

February 7, 2017 |

Microsoft to end support for Windows Phone 8.1 in July

Microsoft will be ending mainstream support for Windows Phone 8.1 devices on July 11, 2017, according to a Microsoft Support page. The company officially allowed around half of the … Read More

Skype for Windows Phone 8 & 8.1 will no longer receive updates

July 21, 2016 |

Skype drops support for older operating systems

Microsoft announced that users with Windows Phone 8 & 8.1 will no longer receive updates as Skype becomes a cloud service and the company is focusing on improving the experience where the … Read More

The cancelled Lumia 1030/1040 leaked once again in photos

April 26, 2016 |

Real-life images of the Lumia McLaren

In July 2014, Microsoft decided to cancel the successor to the Lumia 1020. The device codenamed McLaren was supposed to have high-end hardware, innovative 3D Touch interface, and a 50MP camera.

At … Read More

Downgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 for old phones will be available forever

April 5, 2016 |

Windows Device Recovery tool won’t be updated with Windows 10 images

Microsoft started rolling out the official Windows 10 update to eligible smartphones in March, but the company didn’t update the recovery images available on the servers. Now we understand … Read More