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Lenovo’s first Windows Phone to be unveiled in April

March 1, 2014 |

Microsoft announced on February 23 new hardware partners interested in Windows Phone and Lenovo was one of the companies. With Windows Phone 8.1 just around the corner, many new manufactures are expected to join the Windows camp as Microsoft promises … Read More

Lumia 929 – the first phone without the ‘Nokia’ branding?

December 18, 2013 |

Verizon’s Lumia 929 could be called Lumia Icon

Multiple sources claim that the future high-end smartphone for Verizon, Nokia Lumia 929, will be launched in Q1 2014, after the Nokia-Microsoft deal is completed. The new Windows Phone is likely to … Read More

Microsoft to make Windows Phone free

December 11, 2013 | 1

Trusted sources have revealed to The Verge that Microsoft is considering making the future versions of Windows Phone free of charge to the OEMs. Currently it is just an idea of the OS chief Terry Myerson as … Read More

Samsung to release a high-end Windows Phone in early 2014

December 5, 2013 | 1

A smartphone codenamed Samsung SM-W750V appeared online

It seems that Samsung hasn’t abandoned its Windows Phone related projects and the Korean manufacturer is preparing a new high-end Windows Phone 8 device for early 2014, reports Sam Mobile The smartphone codenamed … Read More

Windows Phone File Manager to come with Windows Phone 8.1

December 3, 2013 |

Good news for those of you who want more control over the file system of your Windows Phone. According to the feedback page for Windows Phone on User Voice, the user request for a Windows Phone File Manager has been … Read More

Microsoft in discussions with HTC for devices with both Windows Phone and Android installed

October 4, 2013 |

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft has asked HTC to start installing Windows Phone on its forthcoming devices with Android as an alternative operating system. The little market share of Windows Phone is obviously forcing Microsoft to go to extremes.

According to … Read More

HP to re-enter the smartphone market with a Windows Phone 8 device?

September 14, 2013 |

HP is planning a comeback to the smartphone market with a brand new Windows Phone handset. HP has had a brief and unsuccessful record history with its models. The company released a couple of devices based on Windows Mobile and … Read More

The 6-inch Bandit is actually Lumia 1520, Sirius=10.1-inch tablet

August 27, 2013 | 2

Last week we informed you that Nokia is planning a 6-inch Lumia phablet codenamed “Bandit”. The Bandit was said to come later this year with the GDR3 update. Today, the pretty accurate source of mobile news @evleaks reveals the real … Read More

HTC to launch a Windows Phone version of its flagship HTC One

August 21, 2013 |

According to trusted sources, HTC is making a Windows Phone version of its flagship HTC One. Neowin has informed that the device will be launched this fall. It is stated that it will have the following specifications:

Lenovo to release a high-end Windows Phone in 2013?

July 21, 2013 |

According to WPDang, Lenovo is going to release its first Windows Phone before year’s end. The sources confirmed that the Chinese OEM is developing a 5-inch very high-end Windows Phone. The device has already got two codenames – Lenovo Aupres … Read More


HTC working on an HTC One-like smartphone with Windows Phone and GDR3

June 22, 2013 |

According to Neowin, HTC is working on a new high-end device which will be similar to the latest flagship model HTC One, but instead of Android the smartphone will run the Windows Phone 8 operating system with the upcoming GDR3 … Read More


HTC Tiara and an unknown Samsung Windows Phone arrive at Ting next month

June 17, 2013 |

Ting, the US wireless provider which uses the Sprint’s network, offering no-contract and non-subsidized phones is ready to join the Windows Phone family by adding two new devices to its line-up. The first smartphone will be an HTC model, though its … Read More