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Start Screen backup and restore in Windows Phone 8.1

Start screen backup & restore in Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft presented Windows Phone 8.1 at the BUILD conference last week, revealing some headline features such as Action Center, Cortana digital assistant, Background images and more.

Now, a Windows developer has found one more nice addition to the platform – customers can back-up and restore their Start screens across different handsets. Using the new function, every Live Tile is restored, including all images and icons. Launch context is also preserved, but the apps itself are not restored, so users must re-install them from the Store. If an app is missing, its respective Live Tile on the restored Start screen will be grayed out, until the app is redownloaded.

Start Screen restore is one of the features that might come in handy for all users who want to keep their live tiles positioning while switching between Windows phones. Using the new restore option, start screens could be restored the way they were, so you would eliminate troubles while removing, resizing and repositioning all tiles.

Microsoft is currently finalizing the final OS build, with last-minute tweaks and fixes. Windows Phone 8.1 will be available for partners, manufacturers and users on Developers preview program by April 14.

Source: Twitter