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Software and hardware issues may delay the Surface mobile device until 2018

Surface concept
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Microsoft is not ready with the Andromeda device

Microsoft is actively working on its next-generation mobile device internally, but we may wait until mid-2018 before the device codenamed Andromeda hits the shelves. According to report at, the Surfacegate, reliability issues with the Surface products, have forced Microsoft to release some existing designs quickly – the result was the Surface Laptop and the Surface Pro.

Meanwhile, the company’s far more innovative products have been pushed back to up to 2019. Among the postponed products are the Surface Hub 2 (delayed until 2019), and the Andromeda mobile device. The latter may be announced sometime in 2018, 6 to 12 months after the expected launch in late 2017.

We’ve been reporting about the Andromeda mobile device for months now. It’s a device with two displays that can be folded, running the modular version of Windows 10 with Composable Shell. The company is already testing the device internally, but we hear rumors that the software is extremely buggy and won’t be ready before the end of 2017. Meanwhile, Microsoft should be supporting the current Lumia devices for at least one year.