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Snapcam available soon for Windows Phone 8

Snapcam available soon for Windows Phone 8

Snapcam is a new photo application that is coming exclusively to Windows Phone 8 platform in August. It enables users to take photos with their handsets and manipulate them using features like cropping, rotating, and framing. Afterwards, they can share them in the social networks.

So far, nothing new for a photo application. What makes the application different from the others is the option to create albums as Snapcam events and import them. Also, it gives an option user`s friend or family to inset the albums.

Moreover, the already created albums can be printed as photo books. For this purpose, Snapcam has signed a deal with Xerox Premier Partners Global Network in order to offer what is called “the world’s first truly global photo book printing service”. The idea behind this is the opportunity users to print their albums no matter where they are. As Xerox`s printers are located all around the world, the users will be able to print the album in the location where it is posted. This makes sense because they will be charged only at a local rate avoiding the postage and packaging rates for international shipment.

To learn more about the app you can visit its webpage.

Source: Pocket-lint