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Skype UWP app comes out of Beta ahead of the Creators Update

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  • On March 22, 2017

Microsoft removes the Preview tag from the Skype Windows 10 app

The company is rolling out a new update to Skype Preview for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Update number removes the Preview tag from the UWP Skype app, so it seems Microsoft finally believes that this version is good enough not to be called ‘beta’.

This update also brings many improvements and features to the Skype UWP app. You can search for specific messages, and use new keyboard shortcuts. Microsoft has also changed the video calling UI, and added support for Skype SMS.

Here is the official change log for version The update should reach all Windows 10 devices in the coming days:

  • Simplified contacts access: Now the Skype app uses the OS contacts permission future rather than having to be turned on in Skype itself. This menas that you can now enable or disable Skype’s access to your contacts from the settings app.
  • Search your Skype chats for specific messages. This does not apply to SMS messages sync’d via a compatible Windows phone.
  • Support for Skype SMS, meaning that you can now send SMSes via Skype’s traditional paid SMS service #(although you cannot receive replies via this method) as well as athrough SMS relay.
  • New keyboard shortcuts to make messaging easier – though I’m not entirely sure what Skype supports as there is no exhaustive list of shortcuts anywhere.
  • Switch your microphone, camera or transfer to a new device while making a Skype call.
  • New group video calling interface.

Download Skype (Windows 10 UWP app)