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Skype is built into Windows 10

Skype is built into Windows 10
  • On January 22, 2015

Skype integrated into new messaging hub

Microsoft is about to dramatically improve the messaging experience with the unified Windows 10 platform. At the event yesterday, the company briefly explained how Skype would be integrated into the OS’s core, so users would not need to install a separate Skype app from a Windows Store.

Brand new, intuitive People Hub will display all contacts from the address book combining Skype, Outlook, and Google accounts, so you can send a new message, SMS, Email, or start a video conversation with anyone directly from this new Hub on any device running Windows 10 – from phone, to small tablets and PCs.

This new People hub also aggregates content from social networks and Xbox One. A similar feature is already on Windows Phone, but Windows 10 will offer a lot more – polished look and improved functionality.

Below is the first look of the Messaging app on smartphones running Windows 10. You can see that Skype and traditional SMS features are combined allowing you to quickly switch between services. Through the same Messaging hub you can send a file, photo, start a phone or video conversation.

windows 10 skype and SMS combined

Skype built into Windows 10

The new People and Messaging services with built-in Skype will debut on Windows 10 for PCs soon, and a few months later we should be able to get the same experience on phones with Windows 10 Preview installed.

Source: Skype Blog