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Shazam receives a big update

shazam logo
  • On December 17, 2014

Faster song recognition, new UI and song pages

Shazam has released a major update to its Windows Phone application improving all functionalities, introducing a new user interface, and other interesting things.

Shazam 4.0 represents a huge improvement over the previous version of the popular Windows phone app for real-time music and TV-shows recognition. The new version starts faster and comes with improved and more accurate recognition engine.

The new interface matches the vision of Windows phone 8.1 and it is easier to use. In addition, Shazam 4.0 comes with a new page for songs displaying lyrics and videos, and integrated with Xbox Music.

shazam 4.0 song page lyrics and videos

The app page in the Store says that Windows Phone users can expect more interesting updates in 2015, which is an indication of a renewed interest toward the platform in the light of the upcoming Windows 10 release.

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