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Screenshots of Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center leaked

Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center

Screenshots of the forthcoming Action Center in Windows Phone 8.1 have been revealed. They are shown in the Spanish Windows Phone website Winphollowers and are said to be genuine. The Action Center is one of the major new features coming with the update. It is actually a notification center where users can manage comfortably the messaging apps and some additional settings.

User will be able to access the Action Center in the same way they access the hidden status icons – by swiping down a finger downwards from the top of the screen. They are two swipe levels. The short one (as shown on the first screenshot) opens four quick access panels: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, and Driving mode.

Screenshot of Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center

The four quick panels simultaneously show status information and serve as a short way for managing the related settings. It is said that the users will be able to change the panels in accordance to their preferences. In addition, it can be seen also a shortcut to All Settings, time and date, a battery percentage level, and network operator information. The longer one shows the full Action Center which can be seen on the second screenshot. It serves as a single hub where users can manage the unseen or missed messages, including toast notifications. The messaging apps added in the center will have the ability to both update and delete notifications if they are read on other device. They will also be able to display silent notifications if they are not set for a top priority. Moreover, the users will be able to turn off or on particular messaging apps.

Source: All About Window Phone