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Say goodbye to the Lumia YouTube channel

Say goodbye to the Lumia YouTube channel
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The official Lumia channel on YouTube is closed

Microsoft wants to delete all traces of the Lumia brand on the Internet, and after its latest move to close the YouTube channel, the chances to see the once-popular smartphones are very thin right now.

Redmond is not planning a successor to the Lumia 950 line, and although the company keeps supporting Windows 10 Mobile, we know that the upcoming mobile reboot in 2018 will involve a modular-based Windows 10 codenamed Andromeda.

So, now it’s really time to say goodbye to Lumia on YouTube. The official channel is no longer available and all videos have been deleted. Another channel, the Lumia Support, is still live, but the latest uploaded video is over a year old. Microsoft’s Facebook page for Lumia is also on life support, with no updates in 2017.

Microsoft stopped selling Lumia Windows phones in many countries, with only two or three devices from OEM partners currently in stock.

The company reportedly develops a new mobile-type device running an ARM-build of Andromeda. Our sources, insider reports and recent patents lead to a dual-screen Surface phone/tablet with a built-in projector, 3D interaction with gestures and improved Continuum with Win32 apps from the store. Such a device may or may not launch within a year, and it will be very expensive.