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Rumor: Surface Phone and other new mobile devices in 2018

Surface Phone concept
Windows Phone Area

Windows mobile devices may finally launch in 2018

We’ve already reported about the modular version of Windows 10 codenamed Andromeda OS possibly arriving in mid-2018 along with a Microsoft-made mobile device (Surface Phone?). Now, according to a new rumor posted by the WinCentral, Microsoft won’t be alone in this new venture with Andromeda OS.

After releasing its mobile device in the second half of 2018, Microsoft may be followed by a number of key hardware partners like Lenovo, Dell and HP. Microsoft’s Andromeda OS will be mobile-focused at launch, but other types of devices will follow in the future.

The rumors about Microsoft Surface Phone have been floating around for a while, suggesting that the device could be close to launch, or at least in active development. Some early prototypes of the mobile device running Windows 10 (Andromeda OS) have been spotted in the campus earlier this year, while a video from China revealed two codenames of the Surface Phone – Slavonia and Peking.

Source: WinCentral