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Report: Windows OS is far more secure than OS X, iOS and Linux

Report: Windows OS is far more secure than OS X, iOS and Linux
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What are the most vulnerable OS in 2014?

Windows, the most popular Desktop OS, has been widely considered to have many security issues, but new evidence points to a different picture.

GFI’s Blog released an interesting report about security vulnerabilities of popular operating system in 2014. After analyzing data from NVD, GFI researchers have come up with a ranking showing which platforms are more vulnerable to security breaches and which are more secure.

According to the GFI report, Windows operating systems are not among the first three most vulnerable platforms in the list. Apple’s OS X and iOS top the ranking with 147 and 127 registered vulnerabilities in 2014, followed by Linux OS with 119.

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Different versions of Windows for PC have considerably less numbers of security issues in 2014 – from 38 for Windows Server 2008 (rank 4) to just 30 for Windows RT (rank 10). It seems that iOS and Linux had a tough year with major problems regarding security. One of the major issues for Linux, for example, was an OpenSSL vulnerability called Heartbleed.

At the same time, Microsoft tops the ranking of vulnerabilities in applications with its Internet Explorer scoring 242 issues, followed by Google’s Chrome with 124 (half less). As you probably know, a new browser called ‘Project Spartan’ will replace IE in Windows 10, so we hope Microsoft are not facing so many security issues in the new app. The good news is that there are no other Windows apps in the top 10 rank.