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References to the Andromeda dual-screen device spotted in Windows 10 Build 17704

Surface Phone Andromeda
Windows Phone Area

Foldable smartphone/tablet hybrid expected to launch in Fall 2018.

Microsoft is currently working on the modern, modular version of Windows, expected to debut later this year along with the mythical Surface (Phone) Andromeda dual-screen device. We’ve recently informed you about the phone capabilities of Andromeda, while now we understand that new OS code with references to Andromeda has been found in the Windows 10 Build 17704.

It’s part of the Redstone 5 Insider Program, which means that Microsoft should be targeting Fall/Winter 2018 as launch window for Surface Andromeda. According to the APIs in build 17704, the OS supports 5 hinge states of the dual-screen device – closed, concave, flat, convex and full. While closed can be considered as 0 degrees, concave is between 0 and 180 degrees, flat is most likely 180 degrees, convex is a ‘Tent’ mode, while full is 360 degrees open.

Andromeda hinge states

Windows OS and some modern UWP apps will be able to change the interface depending on the active mode. For example, when in a closed or fully open state, Andromeda could behave with an interface very close to the current Windows 10 Mobile. In a flat mode Andromeda could be a tablet, while in convex – a laptop with one screen being the virtual keyboard.

Microsoft doesn’t seem to be alone in this dual-screen market adventure. According to rumors, tech giants like Dell, Lenovo and Samsung are also experimenting with prototypes. Who will be first is a question whose answer nobody knows.

Source: Twitter