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How to project your phone’s screen to a Windows 10 PC

project screen
Windows Phone Area

How to use Project My Screen app over USB

With Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile you can easily cast your phone screen to your PC. The feature work on Windows build 10586 or higher, and requires an app and a USB cable. Here is how you can project your screen:

1. Download and Install the ‘Project My Screen‘ app on the Windows PC.


2. Open ‘Project My Screen’ on the PC.

3. Connect your Windows 10 phone to the PC using USB cable.

4. On the phone screen, confirm to allow the computer to display the phone’s content.

project screen5. You can now see the phone’s content in the app window on the PC. Resize the window or enter full screen mode.

project screen

Quick Controls

  • F1 – help
  • ESC – quit windowed mode
  • B – toggle background image on/off
  • E – toggle expanded screen mode
  • F or Alt-Enter – toggle full screen mode
  • R – display current frame rate
  • Left arrow – force device orientation to landscape left
  • Right arrow – force device orientation to landscape right
  • Up/Down – force device orientation to portrait up
  • Spacebar – Reset device orientation (automatically follows phone)

To mirror your phone screen to a PC over Wi-Fi using Miracast, you need to run build 15000 or higher on both devices. From the action center → Tap on ‘Connect‘. If the phone supports Continuum, you will automatically enter Continuum mode on the PC.