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Popular desktop apps coming to the Windows Store


iTunes, WhatsApp and Spotify to release their apps in the Store

The Windows Store still suffers from lack of popular apps, but the situation may begin to change very soon. With the continuous growth of Windows 10 install base, reaching 500 million active devices in May, many developers may have reconsidered their plans, release new apps in the Store and target millions of potential customers. Windows 10 S, the lightweight version of the platform that runs only Store apps, could also be blamed for the shift.

Microsoft announced at BUILD last week that two of the most popular apps would be coming to the Store – iTunes and Spotify. It would be the first app ever from Apple released in the store. Spotify had an old Windows Phone 8.1 app that has been put on a maintenance mode, while the full-featured desktop client has been only available as a Win32 app.

Another popular developer – WhatsApp – will also release its desktop app in the Windows Store. WhatsApp has converted its Win32 app to an UWP app using the Desktop Bridge.

All these new apps in the Store could be very important for Microsoft’s renewed mobile ambitions in 2018 when the company is expected to release an operating system with composable shell, and full Windows 10 on ARM processors.