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Nokia World expands, new devices and software announced in Dubai

Nokia Event - this is Nokia world
  • On October 22, 2013

Nokia has just revealed new hardware and software at the World Event in Abu Dhabi. New Lumia devices including two 6-inch smartphones and a tablet have been introduced.  Alongside the new hardware, Nokia is bringing many new attractive software features. Here’s a summary of the event.

Lumia 1520

First press shot of the Lumia 1520 smartphone

Lumia 1520 arrives with a 6-inch clear and sharp 1080p display and a traditional Lumia design. There’s a 20 MP PureView camera with improved imaging capabilities, 32 GB of storage and a microSD slot. Lumia 1520 has a quad-core Snapdragon 800 ticking over at 2.2 GHz. The smartphone is priced at $749.

Lumia 1320

With the Lumia 1320, Nokia brings another large screen 6-inch device to the market but unlike the 1520, this device is more affordable ($349), suitable for the younger crowd. It supports 4G LTE, has a 720p display and includes a 5 MP camera. The processor is said to be dual-core with 1 GB of RAM.

Lumia 2520 (Windows RT 8.1 Tablet)

promo shot of the tablet Lumia 2520

Nokia is delivering its first tablet. Lumia 2520 has a highly readable 10.1-inch screen with a high viewing angle. The Lumia 2520 supports 4G LTE and has an optional Nokia power keyboard. Lumia 2520 is equipped with two cameras – 6.7 MP at the rear and a 2 MP front –facing shooter. The tablet will be available in selected markets in Q4 2013 (Finland, UK and US), priced at $499.

Asha phones

Three new Asha phones have been announced. The Asha 500 (priced at $69), Asha 502 ($89) and the 3G capable Asha 503 (with 5MP camera for $99) comes with a new Nokia design. Alongside the new Asha models, Nokia introduces new features like double tap to awake, slide up for the camera and more.


Storyteller provides entirely new experience. The service integrates photos and videos with Here location data. Through the Storyteller, users will be able to organize their photos and videos using time, date and location information. Nokia Beamer allows you to share your screen remotely with anyone.

Another new app is called Nokia Camera (comes pre-loaded with the Lumia 1520). It combines all features of Pro Cam and Smart Cam into a single application.

Nokia will also provide its own software update called Lumia Black (previously named Bittersweet Shimmer). It will bring Glance Screen improvements and other refreshments to all Lumia devices.

Finally, three long anticipated apps are coming to Windows Phone. Instagram, Vine and Flipboard will be available in the coming weeks.