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Nokia Lumia 1520 back on market for $749

Nokia Lumia 1520
Windows Phone Area

The four-year-old phone listed for sale at Best Buy

Nokia Lumia 1520, a six-inch high-end phone introduced in 2013 running Windows Phone 8.0, is surprisingly back on the market at Best Buy. But if you think that it costs $100-200 you will be disappointed.

Best Buy is now selling (via NeoWin) brand new Lumia 1520 from AT&T in white. With no plan selected, the Nokia 1520 will cost you $749.99 which is exactly the original retail price at launch in 2013. Although the device ships with the out-of-support Windows Phone 8, it could be upgraded to the Windows 10 Mobile (Anniversary Update).

Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520 was a real beast back in 2013, and it surely has decent specs even for 2017. It has a 6-inch Full HD screen, Snapdragon 800 with 2GB of RAM, 16/32 GB storage and 20MP PureView camera. However, spending $749 for an old Windows phone could not be justified, especially when you have the Lumia 950 XL costing half less, or new high-end Android devices at the same price.

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