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Nokia Glance Screen updated with custom text and detailed notifications

Nokia Lumia glance screen
  • On February 22, 2014

Nokia has rolled out an update to its Glance Screen for all Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices. After the update users will find an additional option in the settings menu called ‘glance screen info’. It lets them add either customized text or detailed notification info on the Glance screen in addition to the existing options – time, battery status, notification icons and alarm.

My Text’ option gives you the possibility to type your own text to be displayed on the Glance Screen and specify the font size, choosing between small, medium or large.

Lock screen notifications’ lets users set any app that supports lock screen notifications to show detailed status information at the top of the glance screen. Users cannot specify the font size as Nokia has decided to use only a large font for this option.

Glance Screen mode is designed to show useful notifications when your Lumia phone is on standby. You can find it under ‘Settings’ or in the Windows Phone Store.

Glance screen settings screens