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Nokia brand to live on, Lumia to replace Surface

Nokia's HQ - the Logo

Microsoft acquired Nokia’s hardware unit a few months ago and many people have been wondering what Redmond is planning to do with the branding of its new smartphones. There were different rumors regarding the future plans – some analyzers predicted that Nokia would be replaced by Lumia while the transition wouldn’t be too painful. On the other hand, there was a possibility that Microsoft might create a new brand for the new models – something like ‘Microsoft Lumia’ or maybe this was not a good idea… We can’t ignore how popular the Nokia brand is around the world and even after Nokia’s market share dropped to very low levels, Nokia is still among the most popular brand names in the tech world.

Now, we have some good news on Microsoft’s plans for the future devices. It looks that the Nokia name will live after a small change. If @evleaks is to be believed, then Microsoft is licensing the ‘Nokia by Microsoft’ brand for all new devices. At the same time, Microsoft will use Lumia branding for upcoming tablets, which means that Surface will be killed.

According to a leaked Nokia roadmap (read more info here), the new brand should be introduced after January 2015 and each new device should have the new branding on it. if @evleaks is right, then the change won’t be so dramatic: Nokia becomes ‘Nokia by Microsoft’ and all are happy.