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New algorithms for noise free GIFs with ‘Blink’

blink app for windows sceeenshot
  • On October 6, 2014

Updated Blink app creates animated images with significantly less noise

Blink is a popular ‘burst’ camera app that continues to capture pictures a few seconds after you’ve pressed the shutter button. Then users can save and share their best frames, or create a short animation from the still frames.

Today, Microsoft has announced a new, better version of its Blink app that comes with new algorithms for better quality of the final GIFs. The update fixes one of the very few issues we have with Blink – the noise. Before that, the quality of the animations was not exactly the same as the quality of the still photos, or the GIFs had a lot of noise.

New algorithms after the image stabilization promise significantly reduced noise in both still and motion images. Microsoft shows the effect of the new algorithms on the pictures below. You can see far less noise in the second motion image.

Blink app sample before after

Blink is a free app with simple and easy to use functions. Users can find the best shot by swiping left or right. There are two modes – Blink (for animations) and Still (for still pictures). With Focus Lock users can lock the focus in a selected region, while image stabilization algorithms eliminates small hand movements or jitters while taking the shots.

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