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The next ‘NextDock’ will support Intel Compute Card & Continuum

nextdock 2
  • On January 18, 2017

NextDock 2 comes with support for Intel Compute Card

The company beyond the NextDock – a laptop-like accessory for Continuum-capable phones, has announced that a second model will be coming in mid-2017. NextDock 2 will also be offered on a popular crowdfunding platform, and the new version will support not only Windows 10 Mobile and Continuum, but also the newly-announced Compute Card by Intel.

NextDock 2 will be among the first devices to support Intel Compute Card. The latter is not that much bigger than a debit card, but includes a range of CPUs, GPUs, RAM storage, Bluetooth & WiFi to allow you unleash a full PC experience on the go.

intel compute card

We don’t know much about the specs of the NextDock 2, except it will feature an HD screen and USB-C port. The full specs and pricing should be available by mid-2017.

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