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New Skype for Windows Phone 8.1

Skype for Windows Phone 8.1 screen
  • On April 11, 2014

At the BUILD conference last week, Microsoft presented many exciting features and changes in Windows Phone 8.1 with Skype being a major part of them.

The app, which should be available for download in the coming months, will offer an improved user experience and integration with the mobile platform. The most significant changes include integration with Cortana and the ability to upgrade a regular call to a Skype call.

Microsoft will introduce a redesigned phone app and new calling screen. A button will allow users to transfer ongoing calls to Skype without interruption. Of course Skype should be installed on the phone and the Skype user should be linked to the respective entry in the People Hub. The platform will keep the ongoing cellular call on background until the Skype connection is established, promising seamless a calling experience.

Users can use Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant, to easily start Skype calls on the go. All they need to do is to say “Skype, get John Bolen on video”. This is just one example of how the current voice functionality will evolve in Windows Phone 8.1, with much more possibilities for third party apps.

Other new features:

  • Real time Live Tile notifications
  • People Hub
  • Video instant messaging
  • HD video calls
  • Improved interface

Source: Skype