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New PC Keylogging Applications Ensure Employee Productivity and Online Accountability

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Windows PC’s are the platform of choice for most businesses big and small. They have a larger user base, wider software selection, and priced well below their Mac counterparts.

One of the downsides of Windows however is that even the most well intentioned user can cause a system crash due to a bad download, accidental root file manipulation or by simply clicking the wrong link in an e-mail.

For this reason RemoteKeyloggers have been hard at work on their next generation of Windows PC keyloggers, designed from the ground up for business owners large and small alike.

While previous versions were limited to keystrokes, timestamps and screenshots; Their newest renditions have more in common with parental monitoring applications and data recovery programs such as those found in the latest forensic software.

This latest generation promises to notify the user that they are being monitored and acceptance is mandatory for system operation. While this may seem inconsequential, studies show a nearly 20% increase in productivity when an employee is aware that they are being monitored.

Those austerities are a thing of the past as the developers at remotekeyloggers have managed to segment all chats and conversations into the application they are used in. Allowing the facilitator to know whether the computer is being used to manage customer service inquiries or personal chats taking place on company time.

The monitoring of social media and chat applications is another new feature. While previous versions could successfully capture sent messages, the context of those messages was often open to interpretation. Whether the message was typed into a personal Facebook chat or the companies preferred messaging application were not entirely clear, and neither was the recipient.

The remote desktop and backup are another addition to the Windows keylogging aresonal. The application can be used to remotely control and administrate the Windows PC from anywhere in the world. It can also backup deleted data or perform an entire system restore.

Finally, the new Windows keylogger can track all data imported and exported to the PC as well as printed documents. If a USB device is connected to the computer and data I imported it will also be captured to the keyloggers control panel, just as any files or programs removed via thumbdrive are also captured.

To learn more visit and check their software’s road map, as they are currently working on solutions for Android, iOS and OS based platforms as well.