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The new Insider Preview of Windows 10 delivers tons of new features

Windows 10 Tiles

Windows 10 Insider Preview 15002 available in the Fast Ring

Microsoft released the first Insider Preview of Windows 10 for 2017. Build 15002 is now available for those on the Fast Ring, delivering tons of new features, changes and improvements – all part of the upcoming Creators Update, planned for Spring 2017. This build is only for Windows 10 PC, but Microsoft is expected to roll out a mobile build with many new features soon to the Insiders.

What’s new in Windows 10 Build 15002

Microsoft Edge: tab preview bar; set tabs aside; jump lists; component UI; block untrusted Flash by default; Web payments (Payment request API support)

Start and Shell: Create folders in Start (like Windows Phone); new Share UI; One Note screenshot (Win + Shift + S); Improved high-DPI support for desktop apps; Smooth windows resize; Desktop Icon placement and scaling improvements; Faster VPN access; improved sign-in dialog for apps; Lunar calendar support for Taskbar; Improved notification experience

Windows Ink: Updated Ink Pen; highlighter control of colors; eraser to Sketchpad and Screen sketch.

Cortana: Easier discovery of app specific commands; more recurrence options for Reminders; Keyboard shortcut change to invoke Cortana (WIN +C).

Accessibility improvements: more inclusive experience out of the box (new set-up process); Narrator support for WinPE and WinRE; Braille support; Narrator improvements; Improved legibility for UWP apps in high contrast

Windows Defender: Refresh Windows (keep files and reinstall Windows)

Settings: settings are easier and faster to navigate; New ‘Device’ settings; New ‘Display’ settings

Lower Blue Light: automatically lower the amount of blue light emitted

Blue light

Personalization: Recent colors; Themes

Windows Update: Pause updates for up to 35 days; new icon; option to include driver updates

… and many other features here and there. Read the detailed post in the Windows Blogs.