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Multi-OS booting patented by Microsoft

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  • On April 10, 2015

Users will be able to boot certain parts of the OS depending on their needs

Microsoft has been recently awarded a patent 9,003,173. Titled ‘Multi-OS boot via mobile device’, this patent is quite interesting as it opens whole new possibilities for smartphones and other mobile devices.

According to the patent description, Microsoft has found a way to boot certain parts of the Operating System(s) in order to provide rapid access to certain functionalities to the end users. The patent describes how users select the OS parts they want to load to perform certain tasks or have a limited functionality faster and without wasting additional resources.

For example, users will able to boot a lite OS in case of emergency, or boot a simple phone OS to access the camera and take a photo, all without loading the OS as a whole. Enterprises could add an extra level of security by booting a special part of the OS that deals with security.

Multi-OS booth

Although this Multi-OS patent can lead to the first real dual-booting devices (Android + Windows), the focus here is on booting the needed parts of the OS depending on different factors. Future mobile devices could be able to automatically detect the needed parts of an OS based on location, time and usage, in order to improve the user experience, and save time and resources.

These OS parts will be stored and managed on the cloud, which is a hint to the mysterious project Arcadia, described as something ‘Never done before’ that will ‘delight Windows mobile users’.

Microsoft may speak about its new plans at the BUILD event this April, or reveal later this year after the Windows 10 launch.

Source: WMPU