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Microsoft’s smartphone brand to be introduced after January 1st 2015

Microsoft logo

Microsoft will drop the Nokia branding for new Windows Phones

Microsoft completed the Nokia acquisition in April and the company is now looking for a smooth brand transition – all new Windows Phones will drop the Nokia logo while Redmond retains the rights for Nokia’s current Windows Phones. The transition process will begin on January 1st 2015, according to internal document found by@evleaks. Roll out plans will be communicated after ‘Day One’ and will be subject to a trademark license from Nokia. Microsoft’s brand will only replace the Nokia brand in products, apps and services when Redmond has launched a new product and brand into the market.

The roadmap reveals that Microsoft has rights to use the Nokia logo for marketing purposes for the next 18 months, while all new devices created after the deal will feature the new brand. As far as mobile phone series S30 and S40, Microsoft has reached an agreement with Nokia for licensing the Nokia brand for the next 10 years.

All current Nokia stores will remain the same on Day One, but they will be re-branded once Microsoft is ready to introduce the new smartphone brand. Nokia’s HERE services will remain the same as they are not part of the deal. Nokia Camera, MixRadio, Creative Studio and all apps developed by Nokia will keep its branding on ‘Day One’ until further guidance. Nokia Tune and the slogan ‘Connecting People’ remain with the independent Nokia.