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Microsoft Website Builder – “ Will it Suit Your Business Needs?

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  • On December 11, 2021

Microsoft released its own website-building tool for Windows in 2021, addressing a trend in regular people wishing to create their own sites without the need for coding expertise. The software comes as part of Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Centre and is great for users who want to develop a website from scratch. For some start-up businesses, this will be ideal. However, other niches may find that prebuilt platforms are better suited to their needs.

Microsoft Website Builder: A Good Choice for Simple Sites

The idea of the Microsoft website-building tool is that it can be picked up and used easily by anyone. It was released with the small business in mind, to help them boost their marketing and reach more customers. The company claimed that around 36 per cent of start-up businesses don’t have a website, so this new product can combat that issue and help fledgling companies in their bid for survival during the crucial first few years.

There are two main ways to use Microsoft’s tool. You can either choose to build a site from scratch, or you can import a social media page. If you opt for the latter, the software will pull information from your chosen page and arrange it in a user-friendly manner in a website format. After that, everything is customisable so information can be added or removed. This is an excellent option for people who want to get started without spending too much time on their site.

Starting from scratch will take more time, but it will give you more ownership of the site and, perhaps, a feeling of satisfaction once finished. When you choose to go down this route, you can use pre-made elements and drag and drop them wherever you like.

Slightly Different from a Prebuilt Platform

The Microsoft tool is great for businesses which want unique designs for their sites, but some business owners may need to consider prebuilt platforms as these can offer more niche-specific functions. For instance, in the gaming industry, most modern companies turn to expert platform builders who have all the tried-and-tested systems in place and working properly for them.

Prebuilt platforms are particularly prevalent in the iGaming industry, where all the sites share a lot of similarities with one another. When you choose an option like Pronet Gaming, you draw on their years of experience working with huge names like Lucky Streak and Blueprint Gaming.

All the traditional features of an iGaming site are in place, and users simple customise it to suit their needs. This form of website building appears to be the future in competitive industries such as gaming, as it means that businessowners don’t have to spend time and resources on testing elements until they are perfected. This has already been done by the experts behind the platforms.

The Microsoft website building tool is a handy free option for small businesses that want to get their names out there in the online space in a quick and easy way. For businesses that require more complex elements to their websites, opting for a prebuilt platform could be the way forward.