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Microsoft takes control over Windows 10 Mobile Updates

Microsoft takes control over Windows 10 Mobile Updates
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Future updates will be delivered simultaneously

Microsoft announces major changes in its update policy with Windows 10 in attempts to eliminate the OS fragmentation. While the current Windows Phone updates are highly dependent on mobile providers, Microsoft will regain control over the new releases for Windows 10 smartphones.

All Windows 10 devices, including PCs, tablets and phones, will be upgraded to newer builds simultaneously, with Microsoft pushing the update button once these updates and new features are approved by the company, OEM partners and carriers.

Commenting for ZDNET, Terry Myerson says: we’re announcing this continuous update process applies to all Windows 10 devices, including phones.”

Carriers won’t be excluded of the update process, as they will still need to approve security patches and new features, and give feedback to Redmond. However, Microsoft will have the final word on when the updates go out, and the intention is that all devices will get new features at the same time. Apple is doing the same with its iPhones, with all models around the world getting new features simultaneously. A bad example of fragmentation and releasing updates is Google. The latest Android (Lollipop) is still on less than 10% of the smartphones 6 months after its release.

Releasing updates simultaneously could be a challenging task. Microsoft needs to ensure enough time for internal and carrier testing to avoid delays and problems.

While Microsoft promises timely updates after Windows 10, the upgrade from Windows Phone 8.1 will still be carrier dependent, so many customers may need to wait months after the official launch of Windows 10 Mobile.