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Microsoft Surface Phone to target only high-class consumers in core markets

Surface Phone

Microsoft’s future phones to focus only on the US, UK, Europe and Australia

A leaked email, which Microsoft sent to hardware partners, reveals the focus of the scaled-back smartphone business, the key areas of strength and the future of Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft announced this week that more employees from the Nokia division would be laid off and a new direction of the smartphone business – only a few, but more premium and focused devices. The company says that the focus for Windows 10 Mobile means Continuum, Security and Management.

It’s clear that Microsoft will no longer make cheap phones, but only high-quality premium devices to target core markets. These key markets have been revealed in the email obtained by Windows Central:

US, UK, France, Germany, Poland, Australia, and Western Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland)

Microsoft’s focus only on premium devices (like Surface) should also leave room for local companies to make Windows 10 phones in the other market segments. Microsoft assures all partners that Windows 10 Mobile is not at risk. Redmond will continue to develop the OS and support existing and future devices by OEMs.

Microsoft also mentions that ‘we will develop great new devices’ and the rumored Surface phone expected in early 2017 would fit perfectly into the new smartphone strategy. Microsoft Surface phone will be a top-class productive device with enhanced Continuum features – a device that shows the best of Windows on small screen size.