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Microsoft Smartwatch comes in October with 11 sensors

Microsoft Smartwatch comes in October with 11 sensors

A source close to Redmond has shared some more info on the upcoming Microsoft Smartwatch, a cross-platform wearable device that would measure different fitness related activities, heart rate and more. Tom’s Hardware website has provided some additional info about the Smartwatch.

The smartband works on all platforms, expected in late 2014

Microsoft Smartwatch is confirmed to work with all popular platforms including Windows Phone, iOS and Android. The display is positioned inside the wrist so you need to turn palm up in order to see the screen, which according to Microsoft is more natural. The design is different than most of the current products like Gear, Toq and G Watch. Instead, Microsoft smartwatch is slim, thin and elegant.

Even though the details are rather scarce in terms of hardware, we understand that the device has TI and Atmel chips and 11 sensors for measuring person’s activity. The interface is sleek, while all APIs are open which means more possibilities for third-party developers.

The wearable device is scheduled to be released in October, which is a bit later than previously expected. Microsoft hasn’t commented on these rumors, but we expect more details to emerge in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more on Microsoft / Nokia.